Company Info

AMELIA LIGHT SPORT AVIATION CO.  was established for the purpose and desire of providing representation and to perform distribution efforts for the SKYLEADER AIRCRAFT BRAND in the USA. SKYLEADER AIRCRAFT are manufactured by the Jihlavan Airplanes Co. S.R.O. in Jihlava Czech Republic. The Skyleader Aircraft is the new brand name for the company which had previously produced and distributed the “Kappa” model aircraft. Continuing the former tradition of offering time tested quality aircraft with impressive safety performance, the new Skyleader Aircraft model line has been increased with both updated and brand new models of aircraft. As the Authorized Distributor for the USA, Amelia Light Sport Aviation Co. will promote, offer sales and support for the entire Skyleader Aircraft Brands.

AMELIA LIGHT SPORT AVIATION CO. is located at the (KFHB) Fernandina Beach Airport on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida. Amelia Island and the City of Fernandina Beach were chosen as the company location for its unique attributes and beautiful scenic ocean and beach landscapes. Our location on the most northeastern barrier island in the State of Florida provides excellent weather for year round sport aviation operations and the multiple hard surface runway configurations at (KFHB) also facilitates light sport aircraft activities. These factors provide the most pleasant opportunity for our customers to not only be thrilled with the impressive flight characteristics of our aircraft models, but also enjoy the breath taking scenic beauty of this islands ocean vistas.


Skyleader Aircraft are manufactured to the highest safety standards with the finest quality materials and technical workmanship. Real ASTM certified aeronautical production with timeless aeronautical designs bring the dream of aircraft ownership and Light Sport flight enjoyment a reality. Products designed and manufactured to be easy to maintain which will guarantee low operational cost. They have impressive flight characteristics for recreational flying, special operations and pilot training. Aircraft models can be uniquely customized based on your own individual requirements.
SKYLEADER Aircraft provide emotion, prestige and excitement to demanding aviation customers around the world.